The meals served at the camp are based on natural foods of organic and local produce. We only use highly nutritious and non-processed foods. The diet is put together to  secure a well balanced amount of nutrients including an optimised fatty-acid ratio. The diet is based on what the body is designed and developed to live on, rather than what is available in a modern supermarket. This includes; local organic fruits and vegetables, fresh fish & seafood, free range meats, eggs, nuts, seeds & healthy oils. 

*Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

Nutrition Education

It’s one thing to eat healthy when you are at a fitness resort, but it can be easy to go back to your bad habits as soon as you return home. After all, many have never learned how to prepare healthy, tasty meals for themselves. That’s why we find it odd that most fitness resorts give you healthy food when you are with them, but don’t prepare you for your return to the real world. Our group nutrition lectures and workshops are designed to give you the tools necessary for you to have long-term weight loss success.

Culinary Workshops

Bootcamp Wild Atlantic Way is a different type of fitness resort. We teach you how to keep eating healthy when you are no longer at our resort. You’ll discover how to create portions that are sane and sensible. You’ll learn about portions, and how to balance protein and carbs. You’ll discover cooking techniques that add flavour but don’t build up calories and fat. You’ll have access to tons of healthy recipes. The result is, you’ll leave with the knowledge you need to prepare and eat the healthy food you love for years to come.